Give Me Patience

Page 250 -270 back to 269 then onto 253....

268 gives way to 276 then, once again back to 270. Actually there are two 270s...actually, no. that's not true either. the second 270 is an opening page for chapter 22... no page number on those...but it is prior to 270...yet 270 doesn't complete the sentence sooooo it's obviously not the right page either.

Why would the library keep a book like this? I mean, the author knows about this! It was published 3 years ago and I imagine, she went through hell sending out sorries and we'll get it right next times. I'm picking the kids up at school and going to The Old Book Barn. They have a copy and hopefully, I'll find one that's correctly paged.

.....oh look! I found page 45!!! It's in 276s place. Ack. LOL