End of the Week, Relief

I finally took a huge bite out of my Chapter Twenty-Five revisions last night. I was egged on by a good friend of mine after a lovely visit in her kitchen. Phew! I needed that kick in the butt. :) Thanks Nikki!

...Summer is almost upon us. It's time for cutting back on things. Making more room for extra curricular activities with the kids. I'm going to put together a schedule for myself this year. I have a tendency to fall into bad habits. Just ask my kids. Last year they were bored!!! So, we're going to do better this year. [yes, i wish i had that laptop] But with a schedule, I feel I can do both activities and writing without shorting one or the other. Oh!! And I'm signing up for a Braille class...something I should have done THREE years ago.

Busy summer. I'm looking forward to it.
What are your plans for summer?