Deja Vu

Do you ever get that? I do--occasionally. I'm having it right now.
Just over a year ago, my husband finished up a months long search for a job, and we moved to our home in Illinois.

Now, he's laid off, and we're back in the saddle again, looking for a job and [most likely] a new place to live. We have an adventurous spirit, which is a good thing, apparently. We both see this situation with a bright side... and part of us looks forward to something new. Not that we wouldn't rather be settled permanently. We would, but we haven't found that special spot yet, either. So, we plunge into this new venture--wary, yet excited.

PS I got that LAPTOP!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU PATTI! Patti from Romance Divas sent me her old laptop. I can now write on the move. Want to go to the library kids? Let's go! How about the park? Why not?! I'm right there with you. :D Long trips in the car? *sigh* Amazingly enough, I feel blessed.

My husband is happy for the first time in months. I have a laptop, and there's a whole new world out there just ready to explore. What about you? What are you going to get excited about this summer?

Thanks for stopping by.