WIP Wednesday

From Kate Karyus Quinn, the lovers, the dreamers and me

What's on my plate this week....

I've been doing a lot of soul-searching over the last year.
I struggled through a Vintage Historical revision--still not finished.
Moved to a cornfield.
Started my less is more experiment--and found it takes just as much time to do less, so why should I do more? [don't mean that in an apathetic way, just a practical one]
Started a new story.
Finished the story.
Started revisions.

So, here I am, April 15th. Our taxes aren't done yet, and won't be, and I need to get my BUTT in gear. I need to finish this less is more project. I need to start subbing this manuscript. I want to sell it...yes, for financial reasons, but also for the satisfaction in doing something worthwhile--I mean, something besides raising four kids, loving a man(you know it's not easy!!), keeping the schedules, etc.

My WIP this week is a story called Shake the Sugar Tree. I completed initial revisions on Chapter 23 last week then subbed it to my crit group and found I knew what was missing. It wasn't an epiphany or anything. No revelation. Just, an "oh, yeah." Well, it's been in my head, but not on the screen as much. So, it'll be a little filtering here and there. That's faith. My characters are Christian, because that's what I am. But like me, it's just part of who they are. They never think to be overt. It's not part of who they are...

This bit will help solidify my hero's motives. [Thanks for pointing that out Tatiana!] <--that's one of my CPs. For my heroine, it will mean returning to the church. In that one sense, my manuscript veered [horrifyingly] into a no man's land filled with not-quite-mainstream/not-quite-Christian manuscripts. *pullinghair*

It confirms something for me. I need an agent. LMAO...

But, that's a whole nother post. ;-)
Happy Wednesday, friends.