If the Devil doesn't like it, he can sit on a tack.

I was going to talk about Historical Fiction, and how largely accessible it is in Christian Fiction.

Then, I had a really emotional weekend [sometimes being a woman sucks!]. I felt really sad. Sad for the people who have been hurt. Sad for my church because it's the only denomination that is continually being broken from the inside out. The funny thing is, I'm the Church. My family is the Church. My friend's are the Church. We all are the Church, so yeah, it kind of hurts to be so misunderstood. I've never been so thankful for my husband. I've said it before in one of my earlier bios, and I'll say it now, he really is my voice of reason.

You can never slice an issue so thin that there aren't two sides. [maybe Matt isn't the first person to say this, maybe he is inspired by someone else's wisdom, but I love him for being able to say it to me. For reassuring me that the pain in this world is not one sided.]

Bad things happen... in the Church, in the world, in our country. But like my patriotism and loyalty for this country, I can't imagine leaving the Church just because it has had some bad leaders. There are too many awesome and grace-filled things about Jesus dying for me, and suffering on the cross everyday, so that I can receive him in the Eucharist for me to abandon my Faith. Jesus is the only thing that matters, and that's why I go back.

I can't do much for the pain that God's people endure. I am just one person with the power of prayer behind her.

Yikes, I'm getting so religious on myself!
:P Have a great week.
Next time, Historical Romance... I swear! LOL