Really Great News!

My good friends are finally bringing their daughter home from the hospital tomorrow. She hasn't set off any alarms in seven days. This is wonderful news for the little preemie, who came into the world at 28ish weeks. I'm so happy for them. They wanted to adopt this baby as soon as they heard of her. God has blessed them, and He will give them strength... and hopefully a bit of wisdom, patience, peace, understanding, knowledge... really, the list goes on of all we need as parents to raise good kids. :D


Thanks for letting me share.
Life is so busy, but I'm managing to make progress.
Revisions through chapter 23 are finished. Have 5-10 left. Can't remember.


Did I mention that an acquaintance from one of my writing groups offered to send me her Gateway 2500 Solo. It's a notebook, laptop. I'm so excited and just as grateful to this nice lady for offering it to me. I'm so excited to be able to sit with my kids while they play outside...or sit at the library in the children's section while they read. I have big plans! LOL The idea of being somewhere besides this corner of the kitchen is a dream come true...answered prayers...the luck of the Irish... You name it, I've got it. Thank you Patti! Thank You!

Time flies.
Enjoy your weekend.
Think thoughts of peace and faith for all families.