Muesday Goals

I say Muesday because this should be Monday. I mean, where is time going??? It flies out windows, seeps through cracks in my basement, hides in the bed of my husband's truck when he leaves in the morning for work... It's insanity!

I had a nice get together at my house this morning. Made cake and coffee. Chatted with the ladies. Nice, really nice.

Work on my manuscript is slow-going, but going well. I have nothing new to report. It's SSDD.

I'd like to mentione quickly before I go that The Wild Rose Press publishing house has opened a set of new doors. White Rose Publishing. I'm very hopeful about this...not because I write inspirational or Christian fiction as required by the industry guidelines, but I feel this is a new chapter in epublishing, one that will combat the growing and somewhat valid perception of the internet as a place to get porn...or crappily written romance.

Remember the days when, if you had a beeper it meant you were a drug dealer? Or wearing sunglasses meant you were on drugs? Well those days are over, and hopefully, the connection of internet and porn will become just as obsolete with a new rise in epublishing. Not that porn will become obsolete... too bad, but there you have it.

Enjoy your week!
I know I'm enjoying mine.