Goals & conversation two

I'm reading a really AWESOME book.
Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood. She's not an immediate buy for me, but I saw her book at the library and thought it sounded like fun. I WAS RIGHT! I'll talk more when I finish it...and I'll review it, too, on Sunday at The Girls on Books.


Goals for the week
1) continue pacing revisions-- i worked in a new chapter four and five and eight last week. so...that means the chapter thirteen I'm looking to rewrite is now sixteen. It's moving along and I love it. Now, I've--

[hold on, the bagel popped up]

--I've been inspired by Garwood [again, more on that later].


Conversation Two -- of conversations I wouldn't normally have in a week [just prior to the PBS airing of New Yankee Workshop]

"Hey hon." He hesitates, mutters to himself. "No. Nevermind--" He glances at the clock. "Actually, when this bagel pops up, will you butter it and bring it out to me?"

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SERIOUSLY? Hahahahahaha..... Of course I did it!!