Conversation -- One

You ever find when your man is home things don't always go as usually planned or scheduled?
I'm okay with that, of course. I'm really happy for Matt who gets to relax this week, enjoy his woodshop, and otherwise do things he doesn't normally get to do in a week.

I sat at the computer to work. I've got my cup of coffee... a friend's wip open and my radio playing, when Matt comes in....

to talk about FERAL HOGS.

Halfway through this conversation, I'm inspired to keep track of the conversations I have this week that I wouldn't in a typical week.

From North American Hunter, Dec/Jan 09 Issue
~The explosion in the population of wild hogs is a concern for wildlife management and landowners, yet it's creating a bonanza for hunters.

~Domestic hogs that escape to the wild become wild hogs, with tusks and long hair, within two generations. Less than a year.

[long pause--sorry, This Old House is on and Matt thought I would want to watch it with him...which I do. They are renovating a New York City brownstone...absolutely beautiful]

~Studies show that after wild hogs are established on a property, it's necessary to remove 80 percent of that population ever year to maintain the beginning population level. Hogs reproduce RAPIDLY.

~one man in the Cumberland Mountains of Alabama, near the TN state line, while hunting for whitetail deer, heard a grunting noise and thought he'd found himself a bear. When he realized it was a feral hog, he shot it. It was 700 pounds!!!!! Thank goodness for tree stands...

BTW, hunters are making some pretty pennies in the effort to curb the population. Matt wishes he lived in the Southeast or California...Hawaii. We don't have such a hog problem in the midwest, yet.


I'm lucky. Alot of my male characters are earthier, down-home country boys. I'm never at a loss for subject matter. It's never a dull moment around here, especially when Matt's around. :)