I don't wanna be a Giant

I braved the snow covered roads today, TWICE, in order to do some shopping. My first stop was a combo grocery and Christmas, the second was just grocery. The first trip I had my youngest with me and the second, my next older [i really can't stand when people say first and second youngest. Is is just me or does that not make sense? and who is the first youngest? The one who was born first and is now older???? Just sayin'].

My third child and I were checking out and he said in a very serious voice, "I don't wanna be a Giant." [it was that tone that indicates I've been telling him to do something for some time and am trying to convince him how wonderful it will be--a little whiny, but mostly desperate pleading] We weren't even talking about Giants...or David...or Monsters, Inc. Nope. Just out of nowhere. He doesn't want to be a Giant. I told him that was fine.

He mentioned a few minutes later that he would stop eating now so he didn't get bigger. [OMGosh. He's so cute.]

Maybe it's my imagination, but the conversation ignited that paranormal gene inside of my DNA. Wouldn't that be fun if it was a [still cute, yet] serious conversation? It made me think of the stories I've read that encompass shifters and magicians. I can just as easily imagine Jasha and Ann's oldest saying, "I don't wanna be a wolf."
Isn't this what fiction is all about? Creating alternate realities. Imagining a different set of rules. Speaking of rules... This got me thinking a few weeks ago when I asked her opinion on the intimacy issues of my Hero and Heroine. Should they have sex before they are married? Will they wait? She asked me when the story was set because if it was fifty years [or more] ago than it would matter, right? If it's today, it probably doesn't matter.
Well, I can understand her confusion. But I could only respond what I knew in my heart. That I didn't think God's laws had changed. I ruminated on this topic for a while, though didn't ever bring it back up with her. In any case, I think our stories are like that. We make a set of rules, perhaps guidelines, that will dictate how our characters will act AND how those actions will make them feel. There are some rules that we can bend or manipulate or recreate, but there are also the founding rules. In Vicki Pettersson's Scent of Shadows, her superheroes could only cross into a different realm at the exact point between day and night. Changing this would ultimately change the story. I suspect, this is a rule that will very rarely be broken...if it can be broken at all.
On the other hand... my hubby paid the dentist an exorbitant amount of money today because the receptionist told him he had to. A week before Christmas??? OMGosh! I said to him, WHAT?
You should have told her you didn't have your check book. That's what I do.
"My wife lies." He responded, somewhat amused.
"Yes! You didn't have to pay that right now. They could have billed you." Hell, who carries that kind of money anyway? And it's not like they told him before hand and prepared him. UGH! Sheesh. I would have told them I only had a certain amount of money then paid that amount. That way they would know I'm serious. I'm not trying to jip them, but come on!!! A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS?? *eyeroll* *sigh*
Purgatory, anyone?