Thankful to be Home -- Monday Goals

I worked a total of about 30 minutes over the holiday weekend.

My hubby and I took the kids to my sister's house in Michigan. She has seven kids. I have four. They had a BLAST! It would be wonderful to live near them... Maybe someday.

My entire family was there, so it was a good time for everyone. Kate lives at the top of a hill. Out her front door is a nice, long drop to the road that sent the kids into winter extreme heaven. Imagine--7 boys, one girl, 5 sleds and snow--my sister and I didn't hear from the kids for GOBS of time. It was awesome! They live off the main road a good ways so there was almost no worry. One busted lip, which is par for the course--just part of growing up. :)

When Saturday finally rolled around, my third had decided it was time to go home. The poor little trooper made it through most of the day without a complaint, but by bedtime, he had informed me several times that it was time to go home. There is nothing like going home...

It's regularly scheduled programming.
It's not forgetting where the bathroom is and having an accident.
It's a light in the hallway at night.
It's finding your mom where you expect her to be.
It's watching TV when you're in stimulation overload and need a break.
It's having your older sibling's attention.
It's where the heart is....

Ba dump, pshhhhh. <--it's too corny not to end with the old drum and cymbals joke fanfare.

This week.
  1. write a lot. i mean, alot, alot.
  2. blog--must get back into it, even if it means being boring
  3. read a book
  4. love my babies
  5. love my man
  6. love God

Speaking of God. I was so irritated with this [possibly, but i'm a cynic] down-on-his-luck-guy at a rest area today. He came up to our car, told us he was a Christian minister, gave us a story about a son he lost in Iraq, pointed out his Ford Ranger and described how he used to have a bigger better truck...could we spare a few dollars. Ugh! I was so irritated. When my hubby said, "No. I'm sorry. I don't have any cash." The guy actually scoffed, made a comment about how nobody would help him. I couldn't believe the gall. And he used Jesus [and a son who may or may not exist and who may or may not have died in Iraq] to...what? Shame people into giving him money? Now, if the guy had run out of gas and needed a helping hand, he should have just asked for it. I'm more than willing to help out someone in need. Don't play me, though. I hate that.

Have a great week everyone.