Monday Goals


This week, I'm working on staying true to my Hero and Heroine. I wrote the start of scene last night where the hero shows up at the heroine's house. He's had a rough night and is ready to throw down the gauntlet [so to speak]...


She smiles as thoughts of Oh, yeah, now there's a man run through her head. LOL. Okay, maybe not quite so blatant, but still her feelings are not being curbed. Her internal conflict has been set up. She wants to be strong and find herself before she starts sharing herself again. She's supposed to be holding him off, not accepting dates willy-nilly! :P

This is what becomes his issue....right? He wants to see if they are compatible, finally after all these years and he doesn't understand why she would hold him at arm's length.

Anyway, if she doesn't do her thing, he can't do his thing....and they get together and the story is over. NOT GOOD! So, I'll spend today managing that scene before I continue...

Doing a Fast Draft of sorts over at Passionate Critters.

My goal is to do 2000 words a day. [i thought 1500 but I'm pretty behind on Nano as well, so I'm going to try to make it up this week]

NANO count right now: 23,ooo words

...the boy is calling me. He wants me to make soup. ARGH. Like I said, one kid is WAY more work than two. I love him to death AND I really want to get some writing done. :(