Monday Goals

In my less is more experiment, I've reached 12,765 words since November 1st. I've taken a few times to think ahead and plot a scene or two, might need to do that before I get into anything tomorrow, as well. This story is so much fun. Anyway...

1) Write 1500 words a day
2) Critique 2 chapters--I think I only did one last week.

I was so unfocused today! Very scatterbrained. I can't list one thing productive I did today, except laundry. I came to the computer a few times, but nothing happened. :P Answered a few emails...found out my cousin is going to be a DAD! Yay Mike. Prayed for a woman in Virginia who's been in a coma and the doctors have told her parents to prepare for the worst. [say a pray please!] Talked to the Man who informed me that the Tower of London is soooo cool[Beefeaters actually live there with their entire families!][btw, is it bee-featers or beef-eaters? JK]. The house he's staying in is covered in hand-carved wood from floor to ceiling[it's like being in heaven].


No wonder my brain isn't focused. Way too much going on. :D
Have a great week.
Read a book for crying out loud! It's not going to kill you.