Fiction Friday -- Poetry

Roses are Red.

Violets are Blue.

.....Just kidding. I really stink at poetry, unless it's in narrative form and reads more like a novel.

Poem of the Day from

I've seen the rain, more leak than I got pot
When the sugar cane can't drink another drop
When the bayou barge don't need to use the lock
I've seen the rain in Louisianne, I've seen the rain
I've seen the sun make gumbo in the bay
Too hot to fly, so the ducks decide to stay
Make my Yvonne say, no bon temp roule
I've seen the sun in Louisianne, I've seen the sun
I've seen the cold, won't let my big pot boil
But that's OK, my hanging meat won't spoil
The old crawfish, he's way down in the soil
I've seen the cold in Louisianne, I've seen the cold
I've seen the wind bring cypress to their knees
Make my perouge land way up in the tree
It's blowing hard in Camp Chu-du-chawee
I've seen the wind in Louisianne, I've seen the wind

Edward Theriot
This is a random pick, but I have to say, I like it. I'm not big into poetry, but this one has great imagery. I can see what Edward is talking about...and that makes me happy. :) Great weekend ALL!