New York Times Bestseller List

Okay, this is an old topic, one beaten to death by authors, publishers, store owners and readers alike. But, alas, it has only come to my attention recently--an outcome of a review on Romantic Bites.

When Randy visited and stated that we should stick to reading romance because the book we didn't like was obviously too smart for it was on the NYT bestseller list, I got to thinking. And my first thought was, "If this book made the list, I want to know why?!"

So, I did some research. And I found that the real accomplishment in regards to the NYT list is STAYING there, NOT being there.

So, Randy, when you read the book we spoke of, I want to hear your opinion.

I can respect an opinion that is different from mine, but my opinion still stands, Touch the Dark missed the mark... and for more than just the lack of romance novel characteristics.