Goalpost Monday

Why is it that Monday mornings are full of chaos, disorder and angst?
I mean, there are TWO days to get ready for it. It should be the smoothest morning all week long, but it's not. EVER.

I'm looking forward to my favorite shows starting up this week--The Office, Earl. Also, ER is finally, FINALLY going to be ending this year. A month or so ago, my hubby, by himself watching TV, exclaimed, "Yes! I've been waiting for this for 12 years!" Then he wouldn't tell me what this was... He wanted me to figure it out... so I said, "What? Dukes of Hazzard is coming back on?" LMAO. Anyway, lots to look forward to.

1) Write query Letter. -- i'm postponing this. I want a better grasp on my story. That almost sounds ridiculous, but there you have it. What good is a query going to do me when I'm not ready to submit anyway, right?

2) Read/Revise through...hmm, the end? NO. that won't work because I don't have an end. Up to the end. Consider ending options, including the one already written... Write trip to France<--Big addition. Don't screw it up. -- This reminds me, I got blown away by a few critiques... it's a long story, but I returned to chapter one for some revisions. *sigh* Just a few, but enough to make me feel some serious ugh.

3) Critique one or two more chapters -- Finished one then broke for the weekend. Last week was really tiring. I didn't touch my computer all weekend. It felt like a nice break...and well-deserved, too. :P

This week Goal posts:
1) Finish Chapter one revisions, again. No problem. -- I was in the midst of a layering revision, into chapter four when I was interrupted by the critiques, sooo I'm trying to remember exactly what it was I was layering in. Maybe I'll remember.

2) Do a critique or two.

3) Finish reading The Road and Natural Born Charmer.