Updates--end of Spring

Sunday morning, June first.
I realized just this moment that I'd wanted to have my revisions done by now. That goal has morphed as has my story. The revisions are coming along wonderfully, and my story [depending on how you count it] has reached 49,750words. Heh. *sigh* Not such a short story anymore. The story is basically the same... I've deepened it in some spots, clarified it in others. I'm rewriting Mark's scene in France. Which will hopefully add a few more words. HOnestly, though, it's more likely to subtract words.

In short, i'm halfway to my goal on this, my goal date.

I've decided to enter a contest, deadline August 2nd(I think), allowing my goals to be pushed back a little. I'll start subbing to agents/publishers as soon as my ms ready as well. I'd like to go PRO at RWA. Technically, I think I've reached that status...only I haven't because that first sub a long time ago might have been before I was a RWA member. LOL.

I'm still comfortable with where I am. I'm writing/editing consistently and I'm keeping up with the critiques I've agreed to do...want to do, really. In June I might be able to help out and judge a contest. So that'll be different and fun. And it'll keep me busy.

Otherwise, no new news.
Happy Writing!
and don't forget,
show don't tell.

A little blip for old time romances...you gotta have conflict, right?
From when days were simpler than being kidnapped by Indian savages or being caught amidst military espionage and terrorism: :D