A critic and a review

I always liked the idea of being a food critic. I mean, what wasn't to like? Food, eating out, food, the power of words...food. I do like food.

Now i'm taking on a new endeavor--books. Photobucket

As with eating food, I've always been a reader. Maybe I didn't learn any sooner than the next kid, but once I picked up on the words, I couldn't seem to stop.

A very good friend of mine, Moira Keith asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing books with her and two other readers on a blog called Romantic Bites. Oh! I got so excited! I thought, how fun that would be. To actually give my opinion on something that I love and to have people who love what I love appreciate it! I imagined the likes of Nora Roberts and Clive Cussler emailing me, begging me to save a spot on my calender for their next big release... Editors at Penguin and HarperCollins would read my scintillating reviews and [on the spot] request a full of my most current manuscript... There would be balloons and tickertape parades. A key to the city!

mmmkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmmmmjjjmmmm..........................ping, ping, ping.

HUH? what? Oh, sorry 'bout that. Fell asleep on the keyboard.

Where was I? Oh right. Reviews at Romantic Bites. Look for new releases and wonderful oldies but goodies. Together, we read everything...and everything we read, we review! I look forward especially to undertaking the contests! Each month one lucky person will win a prize. And for our first month come on over for your chance to win a Gift Certificate to one of the great bookstores located throughout the United States! [that's fancy for, i'm not sure which one it is...Barnes and Noble, Borders, Walden...]

Join us and share with us your love of books too!