Blowing off steam

Do you have Women's Liberation tendencies?
I DO!!!!

Every once in a great while, I wonder what it would feel like to never need to do anyone else's laundry or iron anyone elses pants. Tonight I completely forgot and while I stood there, mouth hanging open, willing my eyes to not cross at the 4 foot high laundry pile, I asked DH, "if you didn't get married, you'd be an accountant, wouldn't you?"

It seemed to me that men whether married or not would pursue the same interests. Granted, if my DH wasn't married, he'd already be living in Wyoming and guiding people on hunts... See, my issue here is, I don't want to do more laundry tonight. I don't like ironing.

The way I see it? If i hadn't gotten married, I wouldn't be doing these tedious chores.

Where's the balance? I know it's out there because I love my family and I wouldn't give them up for anything!!! Some nights I just gotta let off some steam...

And thankfully, I have a husband who lets me then makes me laugh when i'm through.

dad and thomas