Thursday Thirteen

It's the old, thirteen-things-on-my-desk trick.

1. webcam - we use it ALOT!

2. mouse - ditto

3. two candle sticks - with 2 baptismal candles in them. We didn't know if we could throw them away but were tired of "retaining" them. So we're burning them instead.

4. camera - I've been tracking plant growth.

5. glucose monitor

6. sunglasses - unfortunately, the desk is a catch all...of sorts. Not as bad as a junk drawer, but you know... keys, wallets, suglasses...and

7. mail - not really happy about this but it's convenient and 'in the box' as in, I don't know where else to put it possibly because I'm not thinking outside of the box. :D

8. DSL box - it's AT&T...our DSL box from verizon didn't work with AT&T service which stuck in my craw PLUS, our verizon had a wireless option where as this little thing is DSL stand alone...if we were ever to upgrade we'd need a different box. Grrr.

9. Thomas and friends VHS -

10. a Pencil Holder full of Pens and pencils - still they disappear!

11. speakers

12. printer - YAY! a really great thing for those days I wanna get away from the desk and still work.

13. The Fax Machine! - I love this thing. I love being about to say, let me fax that to you. It's an older model but that's actually better. My parents have one with all these buttons on it... and I couldn't quite get it to do exactly what I wanted. So. I'm happy.

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