Getting ready for a T13

I'm SO nervous! Am I prepared to do a T13?
What will I pick to count out? 13 things we still need in the new house?
13 household items not yet unpacked? Or, better yet, NOT put away? Yikes. I better get my butt in gear. Maybe I'll do some pics again. I do love a pictoral T13. I'm such a visual person.

I think that's good for my writing. Seeing a scene... Seeing the emotions...
It doesn't necessarily make it easier to write but it helps for putting the story together in my head. Kind of like a movie. :)

I'm starting page 75 on my edits/revisions[mostly edits now, though]. In the past week I've done another 20? The entire MS is 115 pages. I'm halfway through and doing well for all the other stuff I need to do in a day.

I'm glad you stopped here today.
I'd like to add a little inspiration to your day with a photo from the story I'm editing...which is still untitled. AUGH! Darn titles. I'll have to have a contest I think. A little promo/freestuff deal. Should be good. :) Have a great day! and remember to say a prayer for all of our soldiers, past and present.