Steeped in Reality

Have you ever heard that romance writers, they must live in some fantasy world? Perhaps they aren't connected to real life like the rest of the world? Love doesn't exist as sweet and pure as a romance writer portrays?

*gasp* What? You mean prince charming isn't going to ride in on his horse and save me with his everlasting love? *rzzz* Well, of course NOT! And who better to tell you this than a writer of romance... married to prince charming?

Prince Charming, who annoys the beezzles out of me at least three or four times a day.

In my love, I can turn to him and honestly, no GRATEFULLY say, "You are the reason I can read romance novels but still keep two feet on the ground."

He chuckles and says, "Why, thank you Clark!"

[please tell me you get that!!]

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