I had mom's group at my house...

...And there was lots of BLOOD!

1. Sometimes, there are as many as five or six moms with their children.

2. Today there was just one, my good friend Heather.

3. She has 4 children: Michael[sweet michael], Joey[rough and tumble yet so quiet], Anna[a laugh for every minute], and Esther[with smiles for everyone]

4. Then, there are mine: Thomas[tiny bit bossy but loads of good-cheer] and Sean[taking everything in with his ears and a touch]

5. I drank about 6 cups of coffee...Heather 2.

6. Usually, I try to make something like sweet bread but last night I wimped out and bought an Entenmann's.

7. The kids played around us for an hour or so.

8. The boys went upstairs to play with the Thomas train tracks.

9. An occasional yell or scream didn't faze us.

10. ...Until we went upstairs and found Joey sitting on the floor with blood pouring from his head.

11. Grabbing a towel from the hall closet, I quickly stemmed the flow.

12. Heads are known for their bleeding quality... there wasn't even a cut that we could see.

13. Apparently, Thomas launched a train from on top of the bunkbeds with deadly accuracy and hit Joey in the head...