Great Falls

I've been a sucky blogger!!!! Ew. I didn't want this to happen... But here I am. Sucking at blogging. I'm trying to keep up. I'll do better... as soon as I can.

Just a bit about our trip to Montana...

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The sign at the airport. Very beautiful views from up on the hills.

Overall though, I don't know. I felt off. There were lots of pros...but more cons. I felt really far away from my kids... I know, I know. They'll be moving with me! But it made me think. What about if I want someone to come visit me? Who's going to visit me? or go hunting with Matt? I mean, we'll make new friends but we both have big families and we each have a really good friend from's nice to be able to keep in touch. It was REALLY expensive to fly there. So there was that.

Perhaps it was bad timing, but the town itself was really brown. Except for the big neon casino signs[on every corner] there was an air of 'needing a face lift.' I liked the town and in the summer it's probably really bright and fresh looking. They have this weather phenomenon that they boast of called the Chinook winds. A really warm breeze that will blow in... It melts all the snow. I really like snow. Heavy, wet snow. Oh, and just outside of town, there are no trees. I talked to a lady. She and her husband just bought 200 acres...with NO trees on it. It's definitely plains country. It's beautiful in its own way... I felt out of place. Apparently I'm more of a midwest girl than I thought. Perhaps if we'd been in the mountains... it's almost as if the town is too close. To be able to see but not be...

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The jobs themselves were good. Matt and I had differing opinions on the job prospects. Obviously, his opinion holds more weight in this area. I was skeptical... some of the benefits weren't just right... the salary was good and certainly more than DH ever made without his CPA, but the cost of living up and around the Rocky Mountains is steep. I'm really sick of living from one penny to the next... Health benefits were blickety-blick especially for a family with one blind kid and a diabetic. Both companies were only going to pay for Matt's insurance. *shakinghead* No. That's not going to work... not at that salary. Oh, and the guy who asked him out agreed to pay for Matt's ticket. The other company agreed to go in and do half of everything... Well, guy number one gave matt a check for half of his plane ticket, but didn't include fees and taxes! I mean really... That doesn't bode well. It just didn't sit right with me.

...Sorry, I'm going on like you care that much.

I'll say, I was really impressed with the school district and the school for the blind. If that was the only factor in this discerning process, we'd be there. I guess it was just a hair too close to the middle of pediatric opthalmologistno pediatric endocrinologistonly one regular people endocrinologistno Kohls. This would all be okay if we didn't have to drive 3-6 hundred miles everytime we needed to see one of these people. *shrug* Matt's disappointed... I'm only disappointed because I want to get the heck to my own place! LOL. *sigh* we had a good visit and if you're from Great Falls and are offended, I'll be glad to make a list of all the pros! I really wish we had been able to see more... other smaller towns, the mountains. There just wasn't enough time. We didn't even get a chance to see The Falls... It's called Great Falls for a reason you know.

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