How the story comes about.

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You ever wonder where the story comes from? I DO! Thinking on all of the books I've read inspires me to come up with something even more unique. There are some who agree that task is impossible. The story is always the same - good guys, bad guys, good girls, bad girls...

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My stories come from my imagination. Whether my imagination is sparked by a book I'm reading or the newspaper, something I see on line or an event within my own life, imagination is what makes the story MINE.

Early last school year, I caught one of our distant neighbors, with his semiprivate fencing, digging a whole in the backyard. My first thought? I wonder who he's burying there. Is this normal? Maybe not but I sure did get some good story ideas out of that instance. Of course, I've seen his wife several times AND I've admired the decorative fountain/pool that he installed. :D Sooo, who is buried under there, anyway?Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now, my husband does two things online. That's right, just two things. He checks his email and he flips through MSNBCs week in pictures. Did anyone see this past week's photo of the house in Italy with the gas leak? It completely obliterated it. Shrapnel could be seen from this particular view 100 yards from the house. It was amazing... yet sad. And I wondered who lived there and how such an event would effect them.

I heard Christina Dodd tell a story about how she went to Walmart on one account and without a current work-in-progress, decided she would pick up a book to read. After reading the back which described a heroine and the pursuing conflict, Ms Dodd said, "No, that's not what she does..." And then she went on to write her story.

History... I LOVE IT. I live in a history rich area of the country right now. Just the thought of the people who lived here 150 years ago sends shivers up my spine... and I think, they might have had cousins living further west or brothers and sisters back in the homeland... It's just interesting!

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God inspires me through His people and His word... have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the thousands fed on the beach? I often wonder what it meant to be a woman working in King David's palace or to be there after Jesus wrecked the temple. I mean, think of the talk! Jeez, who was that nut, anyway? Boy, wasn't he cute though? I wonder if he's married.

Surround yourself with opportunities for inspiration. READ. Meet new people. READ. Listen to works best for me. READ. Write.

Always write.

Where do your stories come from???