Gaining One Pound

...really sucks.

But after Turkey Bird week, I'm pretty happy to have gained ONLY one pound. :-)

...I think the week after Thanksgiving is kind of like New Year's Day. With Motivation to make the extra effort and run, run very, very far.

...just like the deer are doing in Ohio now that it's gun season.
In the same way, my writing goals are in the forefront. I want to complete 50,000 words by the time I move. That could be just over a month from now or as long as 3 months. I think it's a reasonable goal. I'll apply it with at least 30 minutes a day at the computer during the week and at least 60 minutes a day on the weekends. Perseverance will be key.

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SO, what are you doing now that the FIRST holiday is over? Will it prepare you for the coming holiday? Share your goals with me!!!! and have a great week.