Tag, you're it.

I've been tagged... by Seeley deBorn.

which means, for today, that I'm going to tell a story about myself and dancing.
Oh, I can dance...

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Have I taken formal lessons? Yes, when I was about four years old. I remember a green tutu and a teacher who wore perfume... WHICH, I can still smell today. I don't know what it's called...I think it was Charlie...
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but, one time, when I worked at McDonald's, someone wearing that perfume came through the drive-thru. How odd to be overwhelmed with images of dance class from thirteen years earlier. Good memories, those.

First dance at my wedding, Journey...but I don't remember what song.
Last dance at my wedding, Amanda by Boston.
Father's Dance at my wedding, could have been Whenever God Shines His Light...it, for sure, was Van Morrison.

I'm a good follower...usually. The Man dances...after a few drinks and then we get down.

I'm going to tag Dianna Street. Maybe she has a dancing story she can tell us!