October 11, 2007

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Hope you don't get too bored!

Thirteen Lines from last night's Chat Challenge at Romance Divas

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In no Particular order.

1. “I don’t have what you want. I wouldn’t tell you what you want to know… even if I did know, which I don’t.”

2. Her apartment building sat three blocks up on the right.

3. “Information, my dear. Information will win this war.” He patted her knee. “First, I need your purse.”

4. Goosebumps rose on her cooled skin when he laughed, high pitched and evil. [speaking German]“You have something I want.”

5. She was so stupid.

6. His gaze traveled from the road to her face down over her chest and into her lap. It returned to the road when he spoke, “I can be reasonable.”

7. His quirks set him apart. Her ignorance set her apart.

8. Her lips were dry, parched from licking them and biting them. When her chin trembled she clenched her teeth and moved her head to stretch the tense muscles at the back of her neck.

9. “So, you remember.” He didn’t slam the door after situating himself behind the wheel.

10. Her feelings were bolstered by an anger she hadn’t been aware existed and if Mark were really dead, she would kill Henry herself.

11. Mark is dead.

12. Could he be that moronic? Apparently…

13. Why would a man, protected by amnesia, force his hand?

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