Thirteen Traits of my Current Heroine,
Margaret Pennington.

1. Brown hair, brown eyes, freckles (just a smattering), five feet and five inches, Hippy – in that beautiful 1940’s pin up way. She’s independent and headstrong with a dash of temper thrown in.
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2. Grew up in upstate NY before moving to The City.

3. A father in theater and a Russian immigrant for a mother. One word, eccentric. They supported and encouraged her choice to work in a man’s world.
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...ARGH. I can't find an acceptable picture for her dad anywhere! Grrr.

4. Traveled the world between the ages of birth to twelve. By 8 she spoke 3 languages fluently. Can speak 5 languages now.

5. Earned a teaching degree at Columbia second to her studies in international relations.
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6. Worked as a translator at the Foreign Embassy in NYC.

7. Took a job in London in 1938 at a private school for girls. Part-timed at the American Embassy as a translator.

8. Meets Mark Danbury (the hero) in December 1940 at a dance hall He’s quiet and, she thinks, shy…

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UH, a few good men, anyone?! So, sue me, I liked the movie too. I told you I was a romantic at heart!!

9. Boy, is she wrong!
10. She *uh* loses herself in new love. *wink* Showing a truly feminine side, everything else around her takes second place to this man and their budding relationship.
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11. Summer 1940, Hitler begins his assault on the military bases of Great Brittain… *laughing at the foolishness of youth* They marry in June one week after his proposal. One day before his departure.
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And that, Good People…
is where the story really starts.
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