I'm not even sure I'll even get to a T13 this week. Maybe... yes. I'll do it. Thirteen facts about the story i'm writing/plotting.

I cut 2, 098 words from the WIP this morning. Added 450 more... have the next day or so to make up for that loss. THe scene had to go, though, as it contained two extra characters that were making my story too complicated - a not so bad, bad guy and a hero potential good guy.

The fact is, a short 30k novel should have no more than 2 or 3 main characters. Especially in romance. Now if this were full length Single Title, then I could get away with another really cool secondary male character. One with the potential to have his own story. And there in lies the trouble. To see a character as clearly as I see Bradley de Born would mean running the risk of him taking over the story. I'm going to intro him at the very end, I think. Give him that segway into the next book. Make an anthology out of it...

I'm cheering my Gonzo Team on... Rah, Rah, Rah!!!
And cheering all the ladies in the Romance Divas CHAT!