Thursday Thirteen

So, I've been considering setting up a TT thing here. I want to be accountable. I've already been given a nudge. I have an entire website that I've ignored for the past several months. I honestly don't know how people do this. I'm trying to figure it out... what I'd really like to be doing is writing my story. *sigh*


Apparently, being a rational human being requires balance.

I thought I'd give a list of sorts...not the thursday thirteen...1)because I don't want to steal someone else's good idea and 2)I probably couldn't think of thirteen things to say, either. LOL

Thirteen things to do when your kids are bored!
this is great because summer is ending and the kids (mine anyway) are desperately looking for something new. And I'm not very good at instigating projects.

1) bake...cookies or banana bread or biscuits.
2) go to coloringpages online and make a new book.
3) visit the library...I love libraries...not my library but libraries in general
4) find a new park. Where I live there's a park on every corner...okay, not really, but there are alot!!!
5) Watch the Parent Trap *sigh* with Hayley Mills...I love that movie. The part at camp when they discover the coincidence? Love that. And then watch the new one and try not to imagine the main character in jail on drug charges...
6) write a story. My daughter loves to write...and sing...and color...
7) go to the zoo
8) drop kids at GP's for the day...
9) increase quiet time in the afternoon...
10) earlier's really time to start getting them ready for school anyhow, yes?

Are you seeing a pattern, here?
11) find the nearest VBS (vacation bible school)
12) watch another movie...this time Star Wars...for the boys, you know.
13) school shopping!!!!!!