Life with Others

The intricacies of living with others.

There seems to be a delicate balance that I’m completely missing…or should I say, my housemate is missing?

This is my question of the week…

Hey! What a great idea?!

A question of the week. A weekly blogging instigation for Mondays. Okay…

I’m a bit at the end of my rope. Wishing I could move on but knowing I’m here for at least two more months. Tired of the looks I get when certain decisions are made. WOW. That sounds vague, doesn’t it? Let me go a little deeper… My DH and I are not able to go to church together EVERY Sunday. As old fashioned as this practice is, we like going to church together and we like exposing our kids to this tradition as well.

The trouble is that’s not always possible. Why is it that when we can’t do this, I get the “look” from our housemate? Why is it that she can raise her eyebrows and huff at the way I raise my kids?

WHY is it, when my kid loses his temper it’s okay to talk about it to other people like I’m not even there? *I don’t know…(raised eyebrow, shake of the head) He’s got some kind of anger issues.*

*SIGH* I know how unattractive it is to sigh. AND…I’ll have you know. This is the first time in almost 12 months I didn’t immediately lose my own cool. I was able to breath and remember that it didn’t matter what other people thought.

I am ME.
I have my own system of values.
I have my own needs.
My children are nobody’s responsible but my own.
I have a DH who loves me.

I have my writing…
Um, I lost track of the purpose…
Oh, that’s right.
The Question of the Week.