Strike Fear, Book Two: OUT NOW!


I love the blog because I get to tell the inside story here. 

Don't tell anyone....but this is my least favorite of my Hawk Elite books. I don't know what happened during this book. Maybe it was one too many revisions. Maybe it wasn't enough revisions. The full picture never really cleared for me, and I struggled--ALOT--to get this one where I wanted it. And in the end, I still wondered if I'd done enough.

That's not to say I don't love the characters. I DO! I loved the Whitney family and imagine I might be able to spin another series from all those brothers of hers. I love Tancredo Byrnes and his sister, An. Their story really stretched my horizons and gave me some serious feels.

All that said, I was really happy to leave this one behind. As I write book four, I can see how my heart struggled to love Strike Fear as much as it does Strike Force and Strike Zone. So, I hope you'll stick with me through book two and give book three and four a try as well. 

They all have their own dynamic and emotional pull. But, it will be fun to hear from the readers as the books are released and see how they all compare in the reviews. 

Have a great week, everyone!

And don't forget to read Strike Fear.

With Love,