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If you love romance, you've come to the right place. I write stories filled with attraction, lust, conflict, and true love. They are marked by deep connections--family, military, small towns.

We are all connected by our humanity.

And we Love because that is the one thing we can all share despite our differences.



Hawk Elite Security: STRIKE BACK is COMING this FALL!

With her former special ops husband suddenly suffering the effects of an old head injury, Stacy Hawkin’s life is spinning out of control. They’re on a vacation in Belize, and as far as she’s concerned, they might as well be worlds apart. And then she meets a man, and he helps her see. It’s not a new life she wants, it’s her husband.

Nathan is at risk of losing too much--his work in the security firm, his reputation as a leader, and even his marriage. There hasn’t been one smooth operation in six months, and he fears the enemy has discovered his weakness.

If he can’t protect what is his, he must let it go. But a villain from his past reappears. Stacy and Nathan are forced to come together and face the enemy together. They must lean on each other or lose everything they love.

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Hawk Elite Security has a FACE

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