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Welcome to my little home on the world wide web.

If you love romance, you've come to the right place. I write stories filled with attraction, lust, conflict, and true love. They are marked by deep connections--family, military, small towns.

We are all connected by our humanity.

And we Love because that is the one thing we can all share despite our differences.


"Once again, Beth Rhodes and her Hawk Elite Security series had me reading well into the wee hours to finish her latest fast-paced romantic suspense addition! STRIKE ZONE (Hawk Elite Security #3) hit all the right buttons for me; a great hero and heroine, action, adventure, a plot with surprises and a romance that was intense with not one sex scene."

~Avonna, for The Romance Reviews, 5 Stars

"I just melt from these guys that are in Hawk Elite Security."

~Denise Van Plew, Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars

"I love this author. Beth Rhodes has an intense writing that can became complex due to the theme that she approaches but you will be hooked from the beginning... ...In this book you will find suspense, crime, punishment, madness as well as love, loyalty, desire and friendship. 
I'm overwhelmed will all that happened. Damn there were parts of the story that I was petrified but there were others that I melted. 
I can't wait for more books. I can't wait."

Ana Rita, Goodreads Reviewer, 5 Stars


Hawk Elite Security: The Origins

Now that I've got all my covers...and all but one of my stories lined up, I guess it's time to share a little behind the scenes. This is a story that's been sitting on my desk for years. Occasionally it's been in a drawer, but always, eventually, it has knocked on the wood panel and demanded attention. I've sent book one to publishers and editors. It has seen revisions and edits galore! 

And finally, thanks to one publisher in particular, it is finally seeing completion. Thrilled to have had this past year and a half to put this series together as it was meant to be. Soon, I'll get book pages up. Teasers. Excerpts. But for now, CHECK OUT my NEW page: Hawk Elite Security Series on the drop down menu above or RIGHT HERE!


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