Looking for something to read? You've come to the right place. I write stories for people who want to smile. Every story has a happy ending. Every character is a part of you...and me. If you're high on life and loving everything, join me. If you can't get out of the drudgery that is this life right now and nothing is going right, I have the perfect escape. Love exists. Find it here! 

It’s a new year, 2019, and I’ve finally broadened my distribution. With Draft2Digital and Books2Read, you can now find my books at all of your favorite online retailers, including Amazon. This is great news for capitalism…and my sense of right. As much as I loved the money I could make on Amazon through the Select program, it wasn’t enough. Maybe I need more lessons in advertising and promotion, but I never reached the level of sales which would allow me to make a profit on a single book.

I love to write. And I love telling stories. So, back to the basics, eh? When you see the graphic with the heart and tree [like below] on my books’ pages, you will find the Books2Read page where every retailer for that particular book is linked.

I hope you have an amazing year, filled with the most wonderful books to read!

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